TYNC Design was founded with a clear mission: to disrupt a very traditional and polluting industry by challenging the status-quo of sustainability. We are specialised in designing and engineering powerboats and sailing yachts constructed from sustainable and recycled materials. Leveraging current thinking from an experienced team of naval architects, combined with recent developments in eco-composites and material sciences, TYNC Design redefines the future of yachting.

Going beyond today's standards, TYNC Design is partnering with technical leaders in the development of structural core and eco-composite materials used in marine , automotive and aerospace industries. We have defined a sandwich construction that increases hull stiffness whilst keeping composite weight to a minimum. Furthermore, it will possible to separate the materials at the end of the vessel's lifespan, allowing for their recycling and up-cycling.

Yacht builders need to adopt a new way of thinking. Millions of boats are coming to the end of their lifespan within the next 20-30 years. These boats cannot be recycled and will inevitably end up in landfill. Abandoned and derelict boats are a growing global problem, one that will only get worse if it is not addressed now. At TYNC Design, we develop and engineer sustainable zero and low emissions powerboats and sailing yachts, keeping in mind the now and the future!

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